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Snowy Egret in hot pursuit of a mullet on the North Carolina coast.Black Skimmer with fish at a North Carolina coast colony.Black Skimmer bring a fish to its chick on the North Carolina coastGreat Egret displays plumes during courtshipSnowy Egret, North Carolina coastFly fishing, last light of the dayAmerican Oystercatcher on a North Carolina beachLeast Tern courtship involves the transfer of fish, North Carolina coastSanderling running along a beach on the North Carolina coastA winding road through the maritime forest at Bald Head Island, North Carolina coastFly fishing, Lewis Falls, WyomingLightning over Harbor Island, Wrightsville Beach, North CarolinaBald Head Island lighthouse, often called “Old Baldy” on the North Carolina coastCapt. Seth Vernon fly fishing for redfish on the South Carolina coastLeast Tern with chick on the North Carolina coastGreat Egret courtship plumageCloudscape over the Joulter Cays, The BahamasBlack Skimmer aerial squabbles on the North Carolina coastGolf cart traffic after dark on Bald Head Island, North Carolina coastSunrise, Mesa Arch, Arches National Park, Utah