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Great Egret with chicks, FloridaReddish Egret, white morph,  Joulter Cays, The BahamasSnowy Egrets foraging on a tidal flat, North CarolinaGreat Egret, FloridaGreat Egret strikes at a small fish, North Carolina coastSnowy Egrets, North Carolina coastSnowy Egret on a tidal flat, North Carolina coastGreat Egret with chicks, FloridaRoseate Spoonbill, FloridaTricolored Heron stretch, North Carolina coastSnowy Egret, North Carolina coastSnowy Egret with breeding colors, FloridaRoseate Spoonbill at sunrise, FloridaLaughing Gull tries to steal a fish from Reddish Egret, North CarolinaTricolored Heron stalking small fish on a tidal creek, North Carolina coastGreat Egret, North CarolinaLittle Blue Heron, North CarolinaSnowy Egret, North CarolinaGreat Egret reflections, North CarolinaGreat Egret with chicks, Florida

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